Kuberg Start with Bell Training wheels

Adding training wheels on your Kuberg Start

May 07, 2019

So I had to get my 2-year-old daughter training wheels for her Kuberg Start! So to start her off I installed a set of Bell Spotter 500 flip-up training wheels.

 Bell Flip Up Training WheelsKuberg Kid 2 Year old Dacruz

Super easy to do by the way. I only had to slightly modify the "position brace bracket" by cutting one of the tabs off, so it sits flush against the swingarm. 

Kuberg Training Wheels Kuberg Training Wheels

Here are some pictures to see what I mean. If anyone needs help with installation please feel free to shoot me an email at Dacruz@kuberg.com

Kuberg Start  Rear Wheel  Kuberg Start Training Wheel  Start training Wheel flipped down  Start training wheel flipped up

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