Kuberg Freerider Motor

How to: Remove the motor on your Kuberg Freerider

May 10, 2019


Before starting any work on the bike, make sure the bike is turned off and the battery is disconnected. On later models, you can uncouple the clips from the battery, negative first (black), then positive (red)If you have the model where the motherboard is visible inside your controller please be very careful not to drop any bolts and washers or make contact with any metal tools, as this could potentially damage the controller.

Motor removal steps

You will need: 10mm, 19mm & 22mm spanners

Wrench set 8mm to 19mm: https://amzn.to/2LBvhdQ
Also useful: A short stool or work stand.

First Step

First, ensure that the power is off by disconnecting the magnetic kill switch then secure your bike on a stool or stand. Loosen the bolts on the rear wheel (it is not necessary to remove them), the drive side bolt is 22mm and the non-drive side is 19mm. With a 10mm spanner, adjust the bolts shown in the picture below to move the wheel forward to loosen the chain, it is important to remember to do this equally for both sides, otherwise, you may misalign the wheel.

  Freerider motor removal quide


Tools you need: Torx T25 bit and a 6mm Hex key.

  1. Remove the bolts shown (figure 1).
  2. Slide the seat backward and up (figure 2).
  3. Disconnect the battery wires one at a time, please take note, when it comes to reconnecting, each wire must be connected to the correct terminal.
  4. Now the battery can be carefully lifted out in the same direction as the seat.

Removal kuberg freerider seat  remove kuberg freerider seat slide seat up figure 2


Remove the controller cover using a 5mm hex key and disconnect the small led light.

how to remove the motor on a kuberg freerider Remove motor on kuberg freerider controller cover


You will need to remove the motor wires from the controller.

Video on how to Remove Controller

Tools you need

Once the top cover and battery have been removed you can open the controller with the 3mm Allen.

remove kuberg freerider controller cover

First Remove the battery cables from the controller using your 10mm spanner, negative (black) first, then positive (red), use your electrical tape to isolate the ends of the cables.

Then, using your 8mm spanner remove the blue, red and black motor cables.

how to remove controller on a kuberg freerider


Now its time to remove the motor!

Start by removing the 4 bolts on the motor using a 4mm hex key. Be very careful not to lose the 4 spacers behind the cover plate.

Remove motor cover on kuberg freeriderremoving motor cover on kuberg freeriderkuberg freerider motor cover removal


Remove the chain from the front sprocket, and remove the last two bolts holding the motor to the frame, and slide the motor out of the frame, be very careful not to pull or put to much stress on the wires going to the motor when removing it from the frame!

remove chain from kuberg freerider motor

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Service Manager Marllon Dacruz. Dacruz@kuberg.com


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